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Jun 272010

The Midsummer weekend was spent with nanny and grandad Sweden in Enköping.
Emily had a new red dress and as always she made people turn their heads as she walked by, always with a big smile on her lips .)
We went to a place called Härkeberga for the midsummer celebrations but it was to hot and a lot of people around so we did not stay for long…

All pretty for the midsummer celebrations..

Nanny and Granddad bought a pool but Emily thought it was a bit too cold so she did not stay in for long… 🙂

It takes time to get used to outdoor swimming..

More photos of little one can be found on the photo page!

We hope that you all had a great midsummer! Hugs to you all!

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Summer is here!

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Jun 062010

Well, perhaps it has been summer for a while but now it feels like it is here to stay and a new world opens up for Emily, the giant world called outside … She is now so interested in everything that goes on around her that the last thing she wants to do is sit in the pushchair.  There’s soooo much to see that you may miss something wonderful if you sit in the pram for even a second! She is really grumpy to put it kindly but as soon as she is up in our arms or down on the ground her famous smile is showing. 🙂

Here are some of the photos we took yesterday during one of our walks. (more photos here)

Small steps forward…

Together with one of our friends sons.

Ahhhh…so this is called a tree?

In the jungle…Thats all for now, take care!

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