Future plans..

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Aug 242010

The summer is almost gone and Emily’s next operation is approaching …
The hospital told us that it would be done in September and all the plans regarding work and day care etc. began. We contacted the hospital because we wanted a checkup of Emily, as this had not been done since before the summer and we felt that Emily was starting to get a bit more affected than before. So last Thursday we went to the hospital to have her saturation checked. It was a whole 88! Not bad, but a bit odd, given her new bluish tone that is more and more common.

We were then also told that the operation had been moved to October. Yes, we do understand that there are children who are more seriously ill than Emily, but it is tedious to never know .. Never to be able to plan what to do in the future.
Now of course Emily starts going to nursery.  And then what? When should we take her ut of there because of potential infection? Keith has got a new job now (yay!!) But who will then stay at home with Emily? We need to make plans but it is completely impossible and those who suffer in addition to us is of course  my work colleagues. They do not know if I will be working or not because I do not know, and because Keith’s job is brand new you can not ask him to be off work the first thing he does!

Emily had her first day of nursery today and it is going to be so good for her to socialize more with other children and adults, but they must also be informed of her and her condition. A nurse will come and inform the staff about Emily and, perhaps, if it is approved, there will be a resource (extra staff)  too. We had a great day today and our little sunshine seemed to barely notice that I was there with her, she was just happy to kiss the boys and run around and play with everything she saw, without anyone telling her no all the time:)
She is younger than the others and it shows, she does not have the coordination or understanding but that will come with time.

Wow, this is fun! Look at my new hair…lol..

This “mirrorcave” was really fun.
(more photos in the photopage)

So .. That is some good news, Keith starts work and Emily starts nursery.

But .. you should not be to happy and feel that life is good even though you are on your knees on the whole. When Keith went to get the car the other day he was met by this:

Not only were the door destroyed, the radio was gone and everything in the car searched through. Luckily, we did not have any other valuables in the car but what they did with it was enough.

To think that people can not stick to their own things and it is after all, the people with the least money that gets hit the worst by this because older cars are a lot easier to break into and older cars often belongs to people with less money…

Think about what you idiots out there are doing, you steal from the people who most likely have it worse than you because you are probably living a great life from other peoples money and belongings..!

The fact that we are in a garage with a code lock will probably not have any significance in terms of insurance. It seems to be something the landlords are great at doing .. evade responsibility. That they also are giving the thieves a free entrance will probably not affect anything, but you can rest assured that I will check it out!

Not really hard to get in to, is it… how about your own entrance with a ladder?

We will get back to you soon again, hopefully the car is fixed by then, the insurance  sorted and most importantly, the date for the surgery is set..

Hugs to you all!

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