Oct 202010

It is the second time in a short while that Ems have been poorly with a high fever. About 2 weeks ago she had an ear infection and a 40 degree fever that ended up in a 5-day disgusting (at least according to Emily) course of antibiotics. But she was not quite OK, her nose kept running and the constant cough that she had got worse and worse. Once again she has a fever of around 40 degrees and the cough is heavy and tough. After several visits to the doctor we were told that it was only to endure because it probably is a viral infection.

“Our” nurse Anna Karin visited Emily’s preschool yesterday and informed them about heartchildren in general, and what they should keep in mind when it comes to Emily. I think a lot was clear to them already and I have full confidence in how they look after her during the day, we could not have found a better “kindergarten”. The fact that Emily loves going there and has great fun makes it a lot easier going to work.. 🙂

Anna Karin phoned us and informed us about the meeting and also a bit about the plans for Emily’s surgery. It is preliminarily estimated to week 42 now, but that may change, which we are well aware of … I will need to be off work before the surgery so that Ems is not exposed to any  infection at the nursery and the recovery after the surgery will be approximately six weeks.

Now that we have received a preliminary date my mind starts racing again, will it be the same as the last operation? Will it be better this time? Will it be worse? She is much more mobile now than a year ago so it’s certainly not going to be easy to keep her calm so that the sternum can heal in peace, how will she be at the nursery afterwards, how will she feel? Well, as I said, everything is spinning in our heads but we can only do what we’ve always tried,  take one day at a time. There is no point in creating a scenario in your head that you do not know will happen. Just keep your fingers crossed that it goes much, much better this time ..

Now a taste of a future big star. I do not think she has decided if she is going to be a dancer or singer yet, but we will know soon enough. 🙂

She just can’t sit still when this is on…

Itsy bitsy spider…

Writing soon again.. Hugs to you all!

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