Oct 202010

… our bad luck with the colds has already posponed the big operation once and now it happens again. We were supposed to be in Lund this week and Ems surgery would have been today, but that did not happen. She was not well and had a course of antibiotics and a new date was set for week 44. When the antibiotics were finished she seemed like her self again, for a few days …
At the end of last week it all came back, snot, coughing and wheezing. After some new bloodsamples and bacterial culture this Monday and another visit to the doctor at the childrens cardiology ward today, Emily had a new course of antibiotics (smells YUM-YUM, hope it tastes the same.. :)) she also received steroids and medicine to inhale. Let’s just hope that this will work and cross your fingers and toes that she is healthy in time for the new provisional date of w.46.

So, now I get to stay at home with Ems for 4 weeks until it is time to go to Lund, we dare not have her in kindergarten again and run the risk of new infections.
I will have to work hard too keep her mind of her friends in kindergarten and all the fun she is having there .. 🙂

We’ll keep you posted on how everything goes.

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