Happy New Year!

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Dec 312010

It’s the last day of this year and what a year it has been…

At the moment the princess is in the kitchen, helping dad to prepare the new years meal. And because there were no traditional english turkey for christmas we are having a turkeymeal today instead ūüôā

Ok..so I take this off…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ….and put it in here?

This day was hard to imagine when we first got the news about her heart for a little over 1 ¬Ĺ years ago.
Back then the world collapsed around us, the joy of being new parents¬†disappeared in the background and everything revolved around hospital visits and examinations. Now she has¬†gone through¬†two major operations and successfully, she is like any other child now except that she still looks a bit special on the inside and have a few scars on the outside but that’s what makes her who she is and we would not change anything.
This journey (which of course is not over yet) has probably made us all a bit stronger, and I think we look at life in a different way than we did before. 

But right now we are looking forward to the new year!
Emily doesn’t take any¬†medications any more, she is going back¬†to the hospital for a check up¬†in mid-January and has been back to Nursery for a little while , a soft start¬†and it has been just great. She talks about her friends when she gets home so we have¬†to guess who’s who, we can’t really understand everything she says. ūüôā After the new year she is back fulltime at Nursery, as usual, and I’m back at work.¬†

I am going to keep this blog updated, not as often as before but we will fill you in on Ems adventures now and then ūüôā

Take care of yourselfs and take care of eachother tonight and in the future.
Nina, Keith and Emily

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Great news!

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Dec 112010

It has been a while since I updated the blog so it’s about time I did it again:)

We have been to visit the hospital two times since the last¬†post here¬†and everything looks great! During the last visit, they established that the fluid around the heart are¬†back to normal levels and we can stop her diuretic medication in about¬†2 weeks. That means that she will be completely off any medicines! For the first time in over a year …
We also received good news about her general condition. They now look at her as a fully recovered and she is now like any other little rascal out there,¬†she does¬†not need any special restrictions any more, and also… she can fly! Finally we can go over to England and she can meet her grandparents and other relatives and friends. It feels fantastic!
Yes, she will need more surgery in the future but no major surgery and then it is the valve that needs to be replaced, but until then we can stop being paranoid when she meets other children or when she gets upset and turn blue. Her motion sickness seems to have been conected with her heart problems because after surgery we have just experienced one episode in the car when she became ill, compared with every single time before, and then even during very short trips.
We will be staying at home for a while now so that she is fully recovered when she goes back to nursery, but we will go and visit now and then and stay an hour or so, so that she can meet her friends again and play and have fun.

We have been visiting¬†her grandparents and as usual Emily is soo excited because that means that we are going to see the dogs! There are also a lot of gates in their house that she¬†can play with and there’s nothing more fun than to open and close them .. ūüôā

Helping Bettan go through the gate…

Look what mommy found outside!

Otherwise, Emily is doing just fine, she is talking a lot (even though we may not understand it all), she is very good at cleaning and leaves her mug in the sink if she remembers it, just like she throws rubbish in the garbage when she find any, and yes .. she throws junk, not everything she can find:)
She is smiling and saying hello to most people we meet when we are out so I can imagine that she makes a lot of people a little happier.
That’s our little Emily ūüôā

I will keep you all up to date in the future.

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2 weeks..

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Dec 012010

..has passed since the operation and it is amazing to see how quickly¬†Emily is back to normal. If that was me I would probably not be out of bed yet.. ūüôā Despite the major surgery and the following pneumonia she is running around like before this all happend, not bothered at all and we have to be a bit mean sometimes because she wants to do things that she is not really allowed yet. She is not yet back to her normal happy self, she is sleeping very restless and is quite whiny but I fully understand that after all that she has been through.
The problem is that she is clever as well.. she has quickly learned that if she is sad we will be there in a flash, so we now have to really listen to how serious it is before getting there, we do not want her to get stupid habits and have mommy and daddy run her errands¬†…

Her fever is gone, the bloodtest last friday showed that the infectionlevel were the same as before and that is an indication that it is a virus and therefore the antibiotics are doing nothing to help, just giving her a bad tummy.. The doctor also did a new examination with the ultrasound and unfortunatelly the fluid around the heart has increased a bit, so we will give her a higher dose of the diuretic medc. Next appointment is on thursday and hopefully everything will look better then.

In Sweden we celebrate advent every sunday up until christmas, 4 sundays in a row and last sunday was the 1:st of advent. Emily had a taste of our pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) and gl√∂gg (christmas drink) she loves the cookies and after trying the gl√∂gg with a wrinkled face and a little shiver she ¬†fired off a big smile and said: Mooore! ūüôā

The first candle is lit for 1:st advent, and some gl√∂gg to go with that ūüôāLife is starting to get back in to normal tracks again, Keith is back at work and I will be home for a few more weeks with Ems.

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