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Jan 302011

It’s been a while since you heard from us.

2 weeks ago, we had a checkup at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital and they looked at Emily’s heart. Everything looked good, no fluid around the heart so she can continue to be without any medication. Her pulmonary arteries is still a bit cramped and that is because there  is scar tissue from the last surgery when they expanded them, but her saturation is great, 97%!
We will be called for our next checkup in about 3-6 months.

At daycare, it is full speed ahead as usual now, with the exception of a small cold and a few days at home, she is back at daycare and she loves it and can not stop talking about her friends when she is at home.

Last weekend we went to celebrate the best granddad in Sweden, who turned 65,  and apart from her big big favorites the dogs, there was another person that she totally adored… Uncle Danne! She played with him and kissed and hugged him all the time and when he was not near you could hear: “Uncle Danne, Uncle Danne?”:):)

The day before yesterday was her first visit to the dentist, because heartchildren often experience a great deal that can affect their teeth (medications, surgeries, womiting etc. ) there are more visits to the dentist and dental hygienist. We got there and met the nice woman who we met in the hospital when Ems was smaller and we let Emily have a look around the room and finally we put her in the scary chair. It went just fine, she was not afraid to sit there. 🙂
When the dentist came in, she said, “well, I am sure there is not to many teeth in there at the moment…” Hihi … she could not have been more wrong. The last of the babyteeth are on their way up in the lower jaw and is very apparent in the upper jaw as well. All the babyteeth are usally in place at the age of  3 .. Well, Emily is 1 year early then… 🙂
In any case, it was not fun to have someone poking around in the mouth according to Emily, but she got to sit in dad’s lap in the chair and it is, after all good if she screams, they can see the teeth a lot better.

Soon, it is time for the next big adventure .. Emily will be flying for the first time! She has not been allowed earlier because of her low saturation but now it is ok, and the trip is of course going to England and her grandparents. Yesterday we handed in the application for her passport and the last weekend of February we will be leaving. We will have a lot of people to see in a short time but it will be fun!

We will keep you up to date, photo albums are updated from time to time, even if there are no new photos in some of the posts on this blog. 🙂


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