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Mar 022011

Last Thursday, February 24th we finally went to England. It was Emily’s first time on a plane and she did quite exemplary. True to her habit, she made friends on the plane, which meant she got to listen to some music in someone’s headphones and sit and talk with a flight stewardess in the back of the plane. 🙂

Going through some stuff with the flight stewardess..

After we landed at Heathrow, we were picked up by Jake and went to Reading to stay the night at friends. We were well taken care of  by Tasha, the daughter of the family, and Stanley, the dog in the family.

Tasha & Emily.


After a night in Reading we went to Keith’s parents. It was the first time Emily met her grandparents but it didn’t take more than a few minutes before she sat safely on her grandfather’s knee. Emilys grandparents had decided that we were going on a small shopping trip, so after some tea and chatting, we went out to the shops. Emily got almost a whole new wardrobe back with her! How I wish that it could be the same supply and prices in Sweden!

Pretty new clothes!

On the Saturday it was time to meet more friends and family. Sarah, Matt and Chris came to visit and then Keith’s sister Karen and her family came. Wow .. lots of people! We thought that Emily might find that there was too many new faces at once, but no .. It didn’t take long before she was running around, greeting them all and quickly held on to the two young men who were with them (boyfriends to Karens daughters):)
Hmmm … we do not really know where this will end but boys / guys / men are her absolute favorites at the moment, they can have her toys, she sits on their lap and they are asked to carry her, etc., etc..
We really hope to see you all again soon!

Keith, Matthew, Emily, Sarah, Chris and in the background, the family.

Josh & Emily

On Sunday it was time to go back to Reading again. But first we had make a stop in one more town and meet some special guys. We went to Oxford and met Ian and Russell. Through our online game, we have known each other for ~ 4 years but have never met before. It was so fun and we just wish it had been for a bit longer. Hopefully, we have set their minds to come and visit us in the future:)
Emily was a bit shy at first, but .. because they were of the male sex it didn’t take long until she was best friends with them as well.

Ian and Rus

Cool babe in Ians hat 🙂

When you sit in a pub like that during daytime, having a coffee or a beer, it’s really something that you miss not being able to do at home in Sweden. Just being able to walk in at a place anywhere without being super-chic in a cafe, or wait until evening to get into a bar where all the drunk and and loud people are. It is such a wonderfully simple way to just sit and talk and hang out with no obligation. Bring your family and spend time with other people … We are too rigid in Sweden.

After Oxford, it was back to Reading and one more night before it was time to go home again. A suitcase became two on the way home and the second flight that went really well with Emily was completed. On Monday evening we were back home in cold, unplowed  Sweden again. Now we’re just waiting to see spring here too soon. I will end this post with some wonderful pictures, without any snow .. 😉

We had a wonderful trip and hope to be back soon again!
Lots of hugs to you all!

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