Some news, finally :)

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Sep 052011

Well, I think it might be time to let you know how things are with little one again.

We have had a long relaxing summer with much joy but unfortunately also sadness. Emily has enjoyed it, she has been charging around outdoors and we have been off to see friends and family and have been taking some long and short journeys. Well, we have enjoyed it too of course but we have’nt really been charging around as much as her… 😉

Today we vent back for a check up at the hospital.
Emilys saturation was good, 96% and ECG looked great. Her pulmonary artery is unfortunately still a little tight, they have not grown, but on the other hand, as our wonderful doctors pointed out, they are not any worse than before.
So, there will probably be a new angiography done during the autumn /winter to have a better view of how the arteries looks, how much of the artery is narrow, it is only a few millimeters or maybe an inch? The left artery was very difficult to see during the procedure today so they will have to have a good look at that too.
If possible, they might be able to fix this while she is sleeping during the angio, so it need not be any major surgery, but … it is after all, another anesthetic and the fear of complications.

But we have a very lively girl at home, on the whole. She is growing fast and is talking non-stop (.. lol). It’s so fun to watch her grow and develop, so incredibly social and forward and caring with her friends in kindergarten. A bit to social one might think at times, when all the people walking by us has to be greeted with a cheery hello! But, a smile from them makes her day and I think she brightens up theirs a little bit too. 🙂

And now, some pictures from today.

Checking my saturation 🙂                        Making sure the machines work!

Hmm, ok..that one goes there…

Look at all these stickers..               I am all plugged in now 🙂

A little bit of gooey on and they can see my insides…cool!

There are som new photos in the gallery as well and I promise to keep you all up to date on the angio and the plans ahead.

x x x

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